Brimfield Professional Maid Service

Brimfield, OH Cleaning Company Review

Customer Review of Monthly Cleaning in Brimfield, OH

Cleaning Company in Kent“These ladies performed house cleaning services for me for over a year.  Unfortunately, the young lady that consistently cleaned our house left the company and the ladies that followed behind her were not as consistent.  Unfortunately, I did not give the new girls enough time to get used to my home and what we expected.  I have gone through several companies and one individual and what I have found is not one of these other companies were as professional or as accommodating as Debbie.  If you’re looking for a professional and thorough cleaning, this is the company to use.”

Description of maid cleaning services:

“Cleaned 4 bathrooms, Great Room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen and a finished basement.  Sometimes an office and a dining room.”

 – Customer in Brimfield, OH

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