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House Cleaning Life Hacks to Save Time While Impressing Your Guests

We get it. Most people don’t love cleaning homes as much as we do. If you did, you would be working for us (always accepting applications of qualified professional house cleaners, by the way), but you’re not. We guess you are likely looking for the most wow factor before entertaining friends or family without a lot of time. SO here are a few quick and easy tips to make some basic house cleaning tasks less strenuous and stressful. Tip number one, call Heavenly Touch Maids for a free house cleaning estimate. And until our professional maids taking over the task of keeping your house clean, here are a few basic house cleaning tasks you could do on your own.

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Soda and Tinfoil Make Chrome Sparkle

Make That Dull Chrome Metal Shine Like a Mirror

In the case your in-laws are coming over, or you’re entertaining office guests, you might look around for the first time and notice some visible water-spotted chrome like your tea pot or coffee carafe. Want to get that chrome sparkling like the reflective mirror coating it was when you first brought it home?

Step 1. Pour cola over it – generic cola will do.

Step 2. Then wipe with the shiny side of tinfoil.

Step 3. Prepare to be amazed at this little cleaning life hack!

Getting Rid of Film on Milk Glasses

Another quick cleaning tip for getting your kitchen entertainment-ready is to rid those glasses of yucky film. First rinse them in cold water BEFORE washing the glasses with hot water and soap. Leaves glasses sparkling clean every time.

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Microwave Stinky Sponges

Eliminate the Mold Smell from your Sponge

Almost every kitchen with a sponge has the same issue. Sponges start to smell moldy and full of mildew after a while. The quickest way to get rid of the bacteria while eliminating that odor is to wet the sponge and put it in the microwave for 60 seconds. The water will heat up and kill the bacteria as well as the smell. Just be careful handling the hot sponge. You probably want to let it cool before you rinse it out.

Keep those Mini Blinds Dust-Free Longer

When was the last time you dusted your mini-blinds? It’s such a mundane task that unless you’re a professional, like the maids at Heavenly Touch Maids, you probably put off dusting the blinds all year. One tip to get the dust off and keep it off longer is to use a damp dryer sheet to wipe them down. Because the dryer sheets are meant to hold-off static, this feature will keep dust from re-settling a little longer than a normal duster.

When you hire the maids at Heavenly Touch Maids much of this cleaning is included in our 75-point cleaning checklist performed on every job, and if there are special tasks outside of this check-list, just tell our scheduler and your professional cleaning service will tackle it with ease and leave a note regarding what was done.

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