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How Often Should I Pay for Professional House Cleaning?

Congratulations! You’ve decided that your time is important to you and cleaning your house can be done by somebody else. Now the decision to be made is how often? Answering this question probably depends on your budget, how many people and pets in your house, the size of your house and your tolerance for a bit of a mess between cleanings. Could you believe that in some cases you’ll pay less when you have your house is cleaned more frequently? Let’s explain:

What Frequency of Cleaning is Best?

Most maid services offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings. At Heavenly Touch Maids we also offer one-time cleanings, a one-time deep clean, a spring clean and a mini-spring clean. These different levels of cleaning all come with their own checklist the maids will use when cleaning your home. They can be added in addition to regular cleaning, as a stand-alone cleaning service and many times to kick off our regular monthly or bi-weekly cleaning services.

Akron weekly house cleaningChoose Weekly House Cleaning When:

Our customers usually choose weekly house cleaning when they have a large home, children or live in a heavily trafficked home. Customers with pets also enjoy weekly house cleaning services to decrease the amount of pet dander and hair. Many of our weekly house cleaning customers also have conditions, such as asthma or other respiratory issues that necessitate a cleaner environment. Our weekly cleaning service keeps their environment more free of dust and indoor air pollutants.

Monthly maid service in AkronChoose Bi-weekly Cleaning When:

If you have a smaller home, a bi-weekly house cleaning service may be sufficient for your cleanliness satisfaction.  Of course how often you hire a maid service is entirely dependent on your personal preference. However, if your home is smaller, you have less pets or people tracking in dust and dirt throughout the house and if there are areas of your home that go unused, getting your house professionally cleaned twice a month, or bi-weekly, is usually sufficient.


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Choose Monthly Cleaning When:

If you are comfortable doing some house cleaning yourself throughout the month, you could likely get by with professional cleaning only once a month. If there is very little activity at home, many areas of the house go unused or you travel a lot for work and are mostly absent from the home, regular weekly cleaning wouldn’t be necessary and a monthly cleaning is probably all you’ll need to wipe everything down, get rid of dust and keep your space fresh.

However, one thing to consider is that the more frequently your home is cleaned the less time it will take, which will result in a lower weekly cost than bi-weekly or monthly cleanings.

More frequent cleanings give us the ability to address issues in more detail and focus on keeping your home in pristine condition.

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