How to Hire a Cleaning Company

Pros and Cons of Hiring a House Cleaning Company vs. a Cleaning Lady

Let’s say you have decided to finally hire a maid service. Someone to come in and clean your house so that you don’t have to do it yourself anymore. Maybe work has gotten crazy and you don’t have the time. Maybe the kids are super-involved and running them around is a non-stop 24/7 job. Maybe you really dislike cleaning, would rather spend time with your family or enjoying your house rather than cleaning it. Or maybe you’re recovering from an injury or surgery and just need some intermittent help so you can focus on your recovery while someone else helps clean the house. Whatever the reason, choosing the right maid service is a personal decision that requires a little thought.

What’s Better? A Cleaning Lady or a Cleaning Company?

One of the first things to ask yourself when choosing a house cleaning service is, do you want a cleaning lady that typically works for herself, maybe with a sister or friend, or do you want a cleaning company with multiple employees, an office staff and other resources?

At Heavenly Touch Maids we are a professional house cleaning company so we take pride in the way we hire the best employees qualified for the job, train them carefully and provide an excellent work environment with good wages and opportunities for advancement. However, sometimes the smaller scale individual will work out just fine for your house cleaning needs. So what are the pros and cons of a professional house cleaning company compared to the business card of a local cleaning lady that you found posted at Drug Mart?

Benefits of Choosing a Cleaning Company

Below are some benefits to think about that you will likely enjoy when you choose a cleaning company, like Heavenly Touch Maids, over one individual that cleans houses for a living.

1) Trained to Deliver Consistent House Cleaning on Every Job

  • Our maids are trained cleaning professionals. Typically when you deal with a company instead of an individual you get maids that go through a training process from their employer. Their training guarantees your home is systematically cleaned the same way each time so you can count on a consistent job.  Trained maids coming to your home from a cleaning companies are more likely to clean your home using the same professional methods approved by the company.

*A good question to ask when calling around to choose a professional maid service is whether or not their maids are employees and whether or not they’re trained. Some Cleveland/Akron area house cleaning companies use independent contractors, that are not trained and not on payroll.

Akron Maids
Two Heavenly Touch Maids Working Together in Akron

2) Flexible Scheduling for Maid Services

  • With almost forty trained professional house cleaners on staff our company can offer more flexibility in scheduling because we have twenty teams  ready to be scheduled for cleaning your home. Most times our maids can get to your house for cleaning on the same day you request it, if you call before 11AM and live within 20 miles of our Akron area headquarters.

3) Our Cleaning Company is Insured to Cover Property Damage

  • It’s no fun to think of any house cleaner inadvertently damaging your property and it happens on very rare occasions. When you choose a cleaning company over an individual the company should carry an insurance policy that covers against property damage.

*Another good question to ask when selecting a house cleaning company.

4) Two Maids are Better than One

  • When you work with a maid service provided by a company we send all our house cleaners out in pairs of two or more. This keeps everybody safe and accountable while taking less time to clean your house and still providing a thorough house cleaning. The maids check each others’ work and you have at least two sets of eyes double-checking that our 75-point checklist has been properly completed on every house cleaning.

Akron Cleaning Lady
Should You Hire a Cleaning Lady Off a Bulletin?

Disadvantages of Hiring a Cleaning Lady over a Cleaning Company:

(First, we apologize to all the cleaning gentlemen out there. You are more than welcome to apply for a job as a house cleaning professional with Heavenly Touch Maids. We have only had females apply for our cleaning positions and industry-wide the terms used by people that want their house cleaned are related to the female gender i.e. "cleaning lady" and "maid."  We mean no disrespect but we want people looking for maids and cleaning ladies to find our company, so those are the words you will see throughout our website.)
  • The person you hire will be the only person cleaning your home every time, so as long as you communicate well with them and trust them this won’t be a problem, but if you don’t, it will.
  • Your availability of cleaning service depends on the availability of the individual you hired. Their family issues or illness could keep your home from being cleaned.
  • Professional training is often non-existent and your cleaning lady will likely be using inadequate equipment or cleaners. At Heavenly Touch Maids we use industrial-grade cleaners that are only available to cleaning companies. Your individual maid will be using the same cleaners you can buy from Drug Mart or The Dollar Store.
  • If property in your home is damaged, who will pay for it’s repair?
  • A single individual will take longer and be in your home longer.
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