Clean Fun

You might need a housecleaning if …

  • There’s more dust ON your vacuum than IN it.
  • The pet hair on your carpets weighs more than your pet.
  • Your dust bunnies are tumbleweeds.
  • Your lovely “frosted” glass top coffee table isn’t really frosted at all.
  • Your home cleaning supplies have passed their expiration date.
  • “World Wide Web” refers to the cobwebs in your corners.

TOP 10 Reasons to call Heavenly Touch Maids …

  1. No more changing vacuum belts.
  2. So you’ll have more time to do yard work.
  3. House cleaning is not as much fun as it used to be.
  4. You will now be able to skip past the house cleaning supplies at the store.
  5. So you can mark “clean house” off your list and not have to worry about anything.
  6. Your doctor says that cleaning makes you cranky.
  7. You have cleaned so much you now have “toilet elbow”.
  8. We work around your schedule.
  9. Your time is Precious…our time is affordable.
  10. You deserve it!

“Your time is precious … our time is affordable” ®